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Very inspiring. He is the most consistent person ever.

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Thought you might like this piece on Ironman.com. It’s a profile of our fast teammate Chris Berg. Really funny kid.

No What if for Chris Berg

He flies by everyone on track, and I have only really seen him passed by one runner in the past year. Of course the other guy was doing 4:30s. He will be competing in Ironman CA soon.

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Kinda shooting the breeze with C, who is easily the best athlete in the group.

Me: Ready for CA? (Ironman 70.3 California)
C: Yeah.
Me: Closing in isn’t it? Isn’t it in 4 weeks?
C: After thist week, maybe 4-5. It’s in early April.
Me: Have you been into the ocean?
C: Yeah right. Just been doing the pool. Got to get on that.
Me: You got about a month to get the water thing situated.
C: Yep (looking concerned).
Me: Are you ready? Doing a sub-4:30?
C: Aiming for 4:20.
Me: I’m sure you’ll do great. Anyway, I get to watch.
C: It’s a great thing to watch or volunteer.
Me: Yeah. I conveniently forgot to sign up for CA.
C: Hey, you’ve been to Kona. Now you should do the next best thing. Just show up and qualify! (He smiles…)
Me: Sure. I wish I was as talented as you guys!

The last exchange has been stuck in my head like a broken record. Do I actually seem like I could qualify? He he. My biggest obstacle is me, myself, and I. It’s easily a motivation issue. Not to worry–my head plays back interesting conversations like this for a long time. Maybe a seed of motivation was being planted in my head tonight!

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I got a message from him today.  He had wanted me to sign up for the OC Curtain 50K, but I was on the fence until it was too late.  He did a good job.  4:45 for 30 miles.  Around a 9:15 pace.  He wants to join the Marathon Maniacs, so he is doing the necessary counts to get in.  He qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon in 2008; interesting that he didn’t race this 50K.

This course was flat, a 6 mile out-and-back on a secondary access road.  It runs through several county parks, so bathrooms are accessible at least every two miles.  I heard it’s boring to some, but it’s just perfect if you are new to ultra running.

It’s incredibly hard not to get sucked in into racing again.  I’ve been approached a number of times with invites to do  50K-100K races in California.  I know ultras don’t hurt me speed-wise since the focus is different (complete rather than race), but it still requires a time investment that is best used in training.  Maybe I’ll open my schedule up in the second half of this year.

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It’s a page-turner. Great story in this month’s Runners World magazine. Here is the link to some videos over at the RW site.

Talk about overcoming adversity.

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This is making the rounds in our bulletin board. She becomes the first woman to cross the Atlantic.

ESPN story about Jennifer Figge

Her facebook page

So her trip probably covered 3500 miles?  And she had to swim through 30 foot waves?

What more is there to say–except ” Amazing, magical, and history-making! I think the ground is shaking…

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Lance training in Kona 2009

Lance training in Kona 2009

Here is video from Carmichael Systems, where the coach talks about Lance Armstrong’s training for the Tour Down Under. I guess riding on the Ironman course is stirring great interest in him for the race. Cool!


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