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Haven’t thought about it much. But at the same time, am looking forward to going back to see the area again.

If you didn’t already know, this event is a series of 3 marathons over 3 days. Each segment is 26.2 which when added together amounts to slightly more than the whole length of Lake Tahoe. We start a little north of South Lake Tahoe and trace the highway around the lake going counter-clockwise.

The technical nature of this series is that it takes place at 6800-7500 feet above sea level. The air is thin but manageable. But you do have to contend with the hilly terrain and also the effects of altitude. And then add to that the wear-and-tear of running 26.2 miles over 3 days.

I’ve done it before. Knowing about what I’m facing makes me wiser I guess, but I still have to cover the 78.6 miles. So the plan is to run each segment as close to sub-4 as possible, but treat it like an ultra. Hopefully this plan will stick in my head. This series is one of those events that is unforgiving if you just do stupid running. Keep everything even and consistent, and you’ll get to the third day okay. There is no need to race this one. Just finish, day-by-day.

It’s going to be fun!!!!!

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My Ironman pursuit is taking high priority at this point. I made up my mind over the weekend to lower my running hours in favor of picking up more bike workouts. At least for 2 months.

What it will do is allow for average fitness to get to the Tahoe Triple. I think cumulative fitness will likely still translate to a very good time at Long Beach. Short build-up to Las Vegas, and then go fast in Orlando. All three are very fast courses, so if I show up healthy then it should be very interesting.

With shorter triathlon races next year, I doubt I have to give up so much time in 2010 to multi-sports. I aim to continue with my running gains next year.

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First–you got to have a goal buddy!

Second–I looked at the results to see how much faster I could have done the race if I was the least bit motivated.  I figure -6 minutes in transitions, -5 in the swim, -10 in the bike, and definitely -20 in the run. 

Third–Respect the elements and come into a race trained.  I’ve only had one month of good TRI training to make a go of it.  Present fitness says 5:30, but the future may bring it lower especially if the swim and bike continue to improve.

Fourth–Train for the heat anyway.  This was a different kind of micro-climate hot.  Think valley floor.  Even for an island guy like me, the heat managed to make itself felt in the end.

Fifth–if you go 10% faster than your plan, it’s okay.  Chances are your fitness can handle it.

Sixth–stop messing with the gadgets and go minimal.  Fix your equipment before the race also. 

Seventh–focus!  Don’t get distracted. 

More later…

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Some intel here. Not too bad. 90Km. Larger hill is a 230 ft climb 3.5% gradient then 1/3 mile 7.7% gradient. Not really close to Torrey Pines.

Vineman Bike Course Profile

Vineman Bike Course Profile

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So I’m officially registered for these two races. It took a while.

SFM is a convenience thing, since it falls the week after Vineman. I’m up there anyway, so I might as well run the marathon before I come home to southern California.

This will be my fourth year for San Diego Rock and Roll, and my second year for SFM. I’m looking forward to both.  SD R&R is on 5/31/2009 and SFM is on 7/26/2009.

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Chip Time: 3:32:06  Wall Time: 3:32:11   Overall Place: 644/14929  Sex Place:  546  Division Place: 97  Pace: 8:06


Maintained 7:30s until mile 15.  Ran out of energy at mile 21; seems like the fast run yesterday got me today.  Was staring at 3:20 for a while; that’s for  another day.

Somewhat respectable marathon results as well.  I wish I had enough energy to maintain the 7:30s into mile 21.  The body was willing but the tank was empty.  4.3% overall. 

Fun weekend!

Full Goofy Challenge report by tomorrow I’m sure!

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He he. I’m super-excited to go back. It was great fun to do it last year, so I signed up right away when the 2009 registration opened. The Goofy Challenge (run a half marathon on Saturday, then run a marathon on Sunday, and get an extra Goofy medal in the process) sells out quickly. If you ever want to run a fun challenge and come to Disneyworld with your family in tow, this is IT folks!

I found an economy hotel just outside the complex. You pay a lot if the hotel is within the complex, even if it doesn’t belong to Disney. I stayed near Downtown Disney a few times, but never took advantage of the proximity. Guess I’ve seen Disneyworld Orlando too many times? But it is fun to shop and eat at Downtown Disney though.

I can relax now and enjoy my holidays knowing everything is set for January 2009. By the way, the medal for the half is Minnie Mouse, the full is Mickey Mouse, and the challenge is Goofy. All three are pictured in running pose.  The dates for the Disneyworld Marathon Weekend is 1/8-1/11 inclusive; they have a 5K and a kids run I think.  Don’t know about the intermediate distances.

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I asked the question after Kona and while watching IM Florida.  Did I have the fitness to have done IMFL two weeks after Kona?

The answer was a resounding YES!  So guess what–I signed up for IM Arizona too!  The great thing about this race is that I can drive to it.  Awesome!

Now I really have to train!  I got about 11 months before the double hits.  Items on the agenda–swim faster and keep improving on the bike.

Wish me luck!

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Making sure I don’t forget the details.

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I just formulated my next lofty goal. I think it’s time. I’m ready for it.

I want to go after a sub-3 hour marathon in 6 months!
I want to go after a sub-3 hour marathon in 6 months!
I want to go after a sub-3 hour marathon in 6 months!

I can do a sustained 6:30 at 5K race pace. I can approach 6:00 at sprint pace. So arriving at a 7:00 marathon pace is not a tall order, given what I know now. I can just take my time to build up to it slowly.  Come to think of it, I’ve hit 6:40s to 7:00 in some half marathons and marathons too.  Long Beach, Virginia Beach, San Jose, and San Francisco come to mind.

I will formulate a 6-month plan with the coach, making sure that I get a lot of base miles in between now and February. After that, there will be a lot of tempo running. So by April or May, the goose will be cooked and we will be ready to do battle.

I will outline what needs to happen between now and then. In the meantime, I’ll start bumping up my training miles again!

So exciting!!!!

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