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This is a course which offers PRs if you are prepared for it.  Mostly flat with few overpasses and underpasses serving as uphills/downhills.  Started out at 42 deg F and ended at 70 deg F.  Good crowd support and ample drink stations.  No gel stations though.  Some bands on the course.  The police detail were very enthusiastic and supportive.


I wasn’t prepared for this race given the slow nature of my runs in 2011.  Was surprised I was able to maintain 8-8:30 in the first 14 miles.  I backed off a lot, because it was natural for me to run sub-8s.

On the back-end, I backed off to slow running at 9-9:15 pace.  Still plenty left in the tank, but wasn’t prepared to push my cardio against a pace that I did not prepare for.  Yes, I’m no spring chicken.

I did fuel before the race and then after every 4 miles.  It worked out well.  Of course I ran out of gel after mile 16 and I refused to drink any Gatorade at the stations.  Was a little light-headed after mile 19 or so.

The course was mostly on surface streets with one section lined with tree cover.  Plenty of buildings and views of the concrete jungle, but it’s not something you care about on this course.  Yes, think PR and you can care less.

Anyway, I finished in 4:13 or so and happy for that effort.  I like the finish line setup; reminds me of Boston.  I know I will come back trained next time.

Final thoughts:

Very well-organized marathon.  HEB provided breakfast and snacks after.  Only thing I can pick on is that they ran out of biscuit for the biscuit and gravy meal. 🙂 Oh yeah, should hand out bottles of water at the finish instead of water in paper cups.

Thinking about how to train for next year so I bust out a new PR.  Stay tuned…

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