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Spin: 15 minutes

Getting used to the aero position

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Tried to do it slowly.  4 miles at 4mph.  So I finished in 1 hour.  My feet are fine.  Ran in Injinji socks which I think will not survive if I do this again.  Last 3 minutes I bumped it up to 5mph; it was easy.

I will get one of those Vibram shoes one of these days.  I guess it doesn’t matter much what I get.

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Yes, been out a while.  Life intervenes and all one can do is hold on.

I only really ran one marathon last year–the New York Marathon in November.  It was fun to run around Manhattan.

Spent 2011 training my significant other to run the NYM.  She did well, and we finished at the same time.  So we can easily call it “end-to-end coaching” from her first steps into the marathon world to her first finish ever.

I have slowed down a lot.  Speed was just not a priority during the year long training.  I am now resolved to bring it back up again, so am setting myself up for it.

I let go of my old and trusty treadmill in early 2011.  A few days ago, I purchased a Lifespan T1200i which is rated a best buy at the Treadmill Doctor site.  Perhaps I can write an evaluation piece here in a few days.  It’s been working great.

I also purchased a relatively cheap spin bike from Proform.  Had to replace the seat and pedals, but it is working great now.

For 2012, my goal is to return to my former form and regain my speed.  Stay tuned to see if I get it back.

Have a great day where you are!


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