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10 days late.  But here it is.

As I mentioned, I skipped Goofy Challenge.  Too many things to take care of.  So, Surf City was my first road race in 2010.

I ran 14, 23, 28, and 14 the weekends prior.  Just base-building at this point, so speed wasn’t in the cards.  Was also coming back from a bad flu situation that took me out during the Las Vegas marathon in December.  The long distance runs were just to get my lungs back in shape.

I showed up at Surf City (this was my 4th) dreading it like usual.  Can’t stand the cold breeze from the ocean in early February.  Always end up freezing.  So I wore a jacket throughout.  I got quizzical looks, but I could have cared less.

I decided to run 13.1 at 8 minute pace, and then run the second part super-easy.  That’s how it happened.  I got 3:55 for that marathon, with a 1:43 at the 13.1 mark.  Yeah, slowed down plenty.

I remembered the course well, so it was kinder to me this time.  Also glad I ran the second half easy, because it helped with me having a better time on this course than prior years.  The goal was to give the lungs a try for half the distance, and then just work on endurance for the rest.  After all, this was only my first race of the year.

Glad they placed a coned-off area for the marathoners in the last 3/4 mile, because the half-marathon walkers were just crowding the street.  I don’t enjoy the finish line area configuration, because area is just super-crowded with runners and greeters.

I went to the expo area near the stage and sat amongst the crowd.  Maybe a hundred or so others followed.  After you run 26.2, sitting is good.

So in my memories, I can say for sure that this running of Surf City turned out positive.  Maybe when it comes time to sign up again, I won’t hesitate.

Let’s go, 2010!

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6.2 miles TM 1:18 5 minute cooldown 7:30-9:00. Super easy run.

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Hey, what’s up?

Been a while.  Just finished moving and getting rid of plenty of stuff.  Things are just settling down now.

I elected to skip the Goofy Challenge this year.  Just too many things going on.  Did just run Surf City Marathon over by Huntington Beach, CA.

I’m starting up on speedwork again for this season.  More to come…

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