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~excited about what the future will bring, now that I’ve established myself in two areas (running and triathlons)

~looking forward to starting the triathlon build phase in the off-season, instead of chasing after fitness during high season due to a lack of planning

~looking forward to a lot of stupid running next year

~looking forward to 2010, a year of training without Ironman-distance goals

~excited about knowing that my triathlon finishes come down to a good swim. Good to know what to focus most of my training time on

~excited about enjoying myself in all sports activities, and also enjoying the company of great friends here and everywhere!

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Stayed at THEHotel which is part of the Mandalay Bay complex. Nice suite. Decided to show up in Vegas just in case I wanted to run the race anyway, but I knew my lungs were far from healthy. Found myself gearing up Sunday morning, so it seemed I was taking part in the race.

Corral 1, saw Celene Dion sing the national anthem. Showgirls and the white tigers (with Sigfried and Roy watching) on stage. Kinda cool actually. 36 degrees at the start; 54 degrees at the finish. The race started at 6:15, and I soon found myself running with the fast people for a little bit. They did wave starts–each corral was sent off maybe 30 seconds countdown each. There were 28000 runners, most were in the half-marathon. Don’t think they got to 8000 marathoners, with 5852 finishers.

I held myself back, and let myself be caught by the 3:20 group around mile 4. I know the pacer. Stayed with them until mile 7.5, at which point my lungs started to have a mind of their own. All was well before then–pace, body, lungs, energy. And suddenly, lights-out! Not literally. I guess I shouldn’t run when not healthy, because the objective is to run fast. Reminded me of how I felt at San Diego R&R. I guess I was sick then as well.

Let’s just put it this way, the whole world started to pass me. I couldn’t even hold a 9:30 pace to save my life. Every now and then, I would get an attack and have to go to the side–fortunately, the hacking cough didn’t take too long to subside and then I was back trudging.

Note: the second part of the course (new section) introduced undulations that weren’t in the course last year. It’s still manageable, since the inclines/declines are short or relatively shallow. I like the new course.

Yeah, this race was mighty painful! But in the maniac tradition, finish a race you must if you toe the line. Had several opportunities to bail, but after mile 10 I was basically committed to finish the entire course. I think I must like self-torture.

The result was dismal for me–4:04. I earned this medal today. My last race this year. I want to see if I can be 100% healthy for Goofy one month from now.

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