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Hey, get off that couch and start working out will you?

I figure, I’m totally allowed to watch from the sidelines sometimes since I put myself through the ringer also.  Take the Ironman–it’s a day-long race lasting as much as 17 hours.  Following it is a blast because you get to see how fast people are going, how their nutrition is going, and generally if their energy is holding up through the long 140.6 mile race.  Plus, if you plan it well enough–you can see your teammates finish on live feed (at least for IM branded events).  Unfortunately, this is about the only type of race you can track someone like this.

Running events are too short, lasting under 6 hours for the most part.  So best one can do is to read through race reports that runners put on the blogs.  If written well enough, you can get a sense of how hard it can be to push yourself through miles of running.  Running may be natural for our forebears thousands of years ago, but many of us have began the slow integration into couch+technology.  Pretty soon, we’ll just be blobs next to our TV sets.

I figure too, I read the race reports of athletes I know to get intel.  Sometimes inspiration.  Sometimes encouragement.  Training for a race can be so monotonous.  And you do get interesting tidbits that allow you to avoid certain situations that may cause you some grief.

Yeah, a blog full of race reports become monotonous at some point as well.  After all, a sports blog is a sports blog.  If someone talks about sports in face-to-face conversation, anyone only has patience for a minute or two and then you want to get away.  A blog is pretty much hour upon hour of gee-whiz sports rambling.

From thousands of words, you can stumble upon something inspirational.  It strikes me sometimes when I run into my Kona posts.  Was I really there?  Damn dude!  It’s been a while.

Anyway, hope my one-dimensional sports blogging keeps you occupied for a while.  Hopefully, you’ll be so inspired you’ll spend more time outside than in front of the TV monster.  Maybe not.

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