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SEARS service sucks!

I posted this comment on their service blog:

SEARS should get its service department act together. I haven’t even seen the repairman yet, but the frustration factor is already sky-high. Scheduled an 8-11 visit on a weekday. Got a call at 10:45 that the repairman is not available and the next one open is Saturday 8-1. Was frustrated about the lack of options and the dismissive behavior, but went with that reschedule. Come Saturday, I waited the entire morning. Got a message later on that the repairman won’t be able to make it until 5PM. He said he’ll be there by 5PM. Got a phone call at 5:15 that he was on his way. When asked how long it will take to reach the destination, he said he was on his way. Told him to not come because I had other plans at that point. If I have a choice in the future, I’ll avoid your services. Unfortunately, the bad service experience will be talked about for years. Ultimately, I may steer people away from your products altogether.

I can’t believe I put up with such lack of professionalism.  For all their increased ads on TV, I can’t see them making any headway into getting more customers.  HP used to have customer satisfaction issues like this, and they got themselves back to the level of Dell service.  I am not too optimistic about Sears.  My thinking is that like dinosaurs the chain should become extinct for not keeping up with the times.

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