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Here is the story from the Sitka Sentinel:




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I wonder. I bought a pair (CEP brand) at the San Diego Rock & Roll expo recently, and had not thought of testing it out despite the numerous opportunities. Was just thinking about running SFM after Vineman one week apart. I’m going to a multi-day thing in Lake Tahoe in September. If these things hasten recovery, then I’m using it for Tahoe!

Today, I did a slow 21 miler. The lack of the usual pummeling makes me question the idea of testing it now. But right after I put it on, I didn’t mind the feeling of compression over my entire lower leg. Feels nice. I even wore it outside, getting some remarks from a young college-age kid who is more used to seeing grandmoms wear them.

I’ll keep it on the rest of the night. Tomorrow, I get to do a bike ride and run at Fiesta Island. These things are usually 1.5 hour affairs that will make you feel your legs if you have been working them the day before. I guess the test tomorrow is to see if my legs feel any different going into another hard workout in the same weekend. We’ll see.

First use of CEP compression socks!

First use of CEP compression socks!

Follow-up:  the areas that had compression was fresh for the run the next day.  Unfortunately, the upper legs were still recovering and had some soreness.  So I decided to slow down in the run.  Yeah, compression socks work!  But compression tights are better.

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