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Quick swim report

Did a 2-mile swim in 1:02:11, with about 2 minutes in stops. We had some fast swimmers in our group, and we were actually bringing up the rear. My right shoulder was a bit sore from messing with weights last night, so the pull from the right was non-existent.

Saw 4-6ft Leopard sharks (maybe a half dozen in one area), stingrays, and schools of fish just below the surface. A seal surprised one teammate by swimming under her and stopping right in front of her face. She heard herself scream underwater! Funny.

We stopped at each half mile to keep everyone together. Currents were strong, and the swells were higher. It looked flat from the shore, but most of the disturbance was in the middle. It was fun!

So we basically did 7-minute 440s.   I’ve been able to do 7 minutes in a quarter mile before, but just never over two miles.  What made it automatic today was that each person in the group was pushing each other to keep up.  Pretty cool!

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