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Running talk 8/12/2009

Some thoughts running in my head at the moment:

  • Running with too open a stride actually limits your speed.
  • Too little or too much running will hurt you.
  • Listening to your ipod instead of your body makes injury almost certain.
  • Train for late stage acceleration. It surprises and psyches people out.

Some news:

A tri teammate just finished Pike’s Peak Marathon. She is the confirmed king of the hill as far as toughness now. I don’t mind giving the title to her. I’m sure I’ll toe the line at that marathon one day.

My run training picture is still just a mash of differing priorities and teammates of different levels wanting to train with me. Plus, I have an Ironman race to train for. Incorporating structured speedwork now, after a month of tri-specific training to prepare for my HIM last July.

While I’m tempted to insert a 100 miler this season, I best save it for 2010. No IMs next year, so much more time to explore my running foolery!!!

I’m adjusting my 1 hour runs to take Lake Tahoe’s profile into account. The Triple is coming in September, and it is very hilly.

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