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My teammate came by so we could go to the expo together.  We had lunch first, since she hasn’t had anything to eat.  Stopped over at Momo’s across from the AT&T Park.  Had great food and good conversation.

Right around noon, we headed out to the expo at 622 7th Street.  We took Bryant going west, which put us right smack into that exhibition hall.  Plenty of pedestrians and cars.

After my teammate got her bib, we went looking for Dean Karnazes.  She wanted her bib signed by the Ultramarathon Man.  We saw a line for DK and right away queued up.  I said Hi to Dean first, since we are old acquaintances.  He will likely pass me tomorrow, and we usually say Hi to each other on the course.  My teammate got her bib signed and was all happy.

We didn’t stay at the expo very long.  It’s bigger this year, but once you’ve seen one you pretty much seen it all.  My teammate took me on an hour-long drive around some communities in San Francisco.  We visited the Polk District, Nob Hill, checked out Danielle Steele’s “little” house, and then swung by the Getty’s mansion.  We drove by Union west of Hyde.  It was a quick romp, but got to see where the locals spend most of their time.  Plenty of people out in the sun today.

Oh yeah, my teammate drove up Jones Street Hill to go to Nob Hill.  Yep, it was a total climb on her jeep so it confirmed how steep that hill was.  She (being once a SF resident) confirmed that I had hit the well-known hills in my workout last Friday.

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