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So I came searching for hills to climb and sure enough–San Francisco served them up.

I found Hill Boulevard in a convoluted way via Stockton. Checked out Coit Tower at Telegraph Hill. That was cool. I then went down and started searching for some more hills to climb. So let me just list these:

  1. Climb Stockton into Hill Boulevard to Coit Tower, at Telegraph Hill (1)
  2. East end of Filbert Street climb (2)
  3. East end of Union Street climb and then follow Union until it hit Hyde Street (3, 4)
  4. Descend to Bay Street and then climb Hyde Street (5)
  5. Descend Filbert Street and climb Taylor Street to the park (6)
  6. Descend Taylor and down Broadway. Come back and climb Broadway Street incline (7)
  7. Descend Broadway and go up on Taylor Street to the park (8 )
  8. Descend Taylor, go west on Filbert, ascend Jones Street climb (9)
  9. Descend Jones, make a left on Filbert. Complete the Filbert Street west climb (10)
  10. Descend to Bay Street, repeat the Hyde Street climb (11)

I completed the workout by running down Lombard Street into Leavenworth. By the time I got back to Ferry Terminal, it was just around 9 miles for 2+ hours of running the hills of San Francisco. Well, had to consult my map a lot.

Guess what? I figured out how to climb these crazy hills/inclines! I completed the climbs non-stop, but the more interesting thing was coming down! OMG–I had a great time!

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