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My running spirit is just plainly irrepressible.

I headed out for a planned short run on the Embarcadero. I headed south to AT&T Park and went further to the UCSF campus. So 2.25 miles one way makes it 4.5 miles back to the Ferry Terminal. I thought, ehh–let me go ahead and run the mile+ to Aquatic Park and then come back. That should give me a round 7 miles. While I was running north of Fisherman’s Wharf, I spotted the temptation presented by Hyde Street hill. Hmmm, don’t look. Oh yeah, to the right is the Aquatic Park so maybe I’ll forget about Hyde if I go further.

I ran to the edge of the pier that encloses AP. Talked to a woman who was swimming near the opening. A current kept her in the AP, and she was making little progress coming out. She said the water was 61 degrees. Mentioned I might take a dip in it tomorrow. After that short chat, I started running again.

Okay, so I spotted the road that climbs up Fort Mason. Should I run it? I did. Found myself in the Marina district and then Crissy Field. You know where this is heading? I tried to run on the east beach at Crissy Field but the sand was too soft. I kept heading west. Plenty of good looking runners today; SF has a young population.

Oh wait–there’s the Golden Gate Bridge. Now you got to run to it–you’re too close! Okay, stop twisting my arm. I ran by the rows of warehouses at the Presidio, and then up the access road up to Fort Point.

Now you’ve done it. You might as well cross the bridge since you are here anyhow. I just love running this span–slight incline and then a nice long descent. Plenty of cyclists, a number of tour walking groups, and few runners. The bridge was all mine most of the time!

I spent a few minutes at the Vista Point in Sausalito. Noticed a bunch of buildings down there, that you can access via this road with a nasty grade. I was almost tempted to go there but I just didn’t have the time. Turned around and looked forward to the run back.

Spied my GPS saying I have traveled 12 miles since I started. Was thinking I might get to 19 by the time I get back to Ferry Terminal. You can tell that the runners on the road were mostly visitors now; the locals have to go to work you know. I couldn’t wait to get back as well; I do have to work also.

When I passed Aquatic Park again, I spotted Hyde Street one more time. I made myself tired enough that the thought of going up was no longer palatable. I ran through the crowd of people getting off the cruise ships. There were many more tourists on the Embarcadero than earlier this morning.

I got to Ferry Terminal at 19.84 miles, so I ran south a bit more to make it an even 20 miler. Another example of letting my legs take me as far as it likes to go. Went to a cafe on Market and ordered an omelet, OJ, and strong coffee. Ahh, what a fun morning. 2 days in a row.

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