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I hooked up with the group at Windsor High School this morning.  We went out as a team and did a bike ride over the run course.  A few hills in a shaded country lane, right along the La Crema Vineyard.  Very nice, but not exactly a walk in the park. 

After, I lined up to get my bib number and set up my run gear at T2.  There was a short race briefing including a discussion about all the penalties they can give you out there.  Most of the time, it’s  for safety anyway so if you ride okay then you won’t get one.

Afterwards, I went back to the hotel.  Got some food and supplied, and promptly took a nap.  Just staying up long enough to write this report and offer up today’s pictures.

I’m proud of myself about being able to pack my big bike in the back of the small car I’m driving.  Pretty crazy, but I got it done.  Reminds me to drive the the SUV for future traveling races.  Check it out in one of the photos.

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