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Spent the better part of the day driving from southern California to the Bay area.  I didn’t hit major traffic until I queued to cross the Golden Gate bridge.  On my way to Santa Rosa, I saw the aftermath of what looks like a horrible side-swipe accident of a guy on a Ninja bike and a small car.  The guy was unconscious on the ground in all kind of hurt.  His bike was smashed in pieces so he probably hit the side of the car pretty hard.  When he went pass me 2 miles earlier, I had made the remark how dangerous that was.  I hope he makes it.  There were plenty of first-responders and the cops were there really quick.

After I checked in, I was very hungry so I did a quick reconnaisance of one or two blocks around my hotel.  Wouldn’t you know it, a small Italian eatery was right there and empty too.  I didn’t take too long to order, but by the time it was done–I was having a great time and right away reminded why the Napa and Sonoma area is special.  Come visit; I’m sure I’ll be back again soon!


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