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Almost forgot–I took these photos on one of our Elfin Forest Rides. Don’t do what I did–taking photos or talking on a cell phone while riding is dangerous. But since I got these, I thought you should see it too! Ths is a hilly 62 mile ride. The grades are 10-14% in at least 10 sections, and over 18 in 2 sections.

Elfin Forest is a small community in northeast San Diego county. Yeah, it’s a tiny forested area, as the name suggests, just east of Lake Hodges. The air is very fresh when you pass by there, and really is one of the pleasures on the ride. The roads are very nice, but very narrow at spots. It’s not all hills, so intermediate riders (not beginners) do okay.

The two girls (they insist I call them that) in this set did CA 70.3 easily using this training ride exclusively. In fact, they blew away one of our strong riders who had nutritional issues–not supposed to happen even if one is having a bad day right?

Here is the photo slideshow

And the profile of the ride:

Elfin Forest Ride

Elfin Forest Ride

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