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Just a 1-mile swim.  Swells were pretty crazy, darn near choppy.  Clomps of mowed down seaweed floaters in spots, but mostly clear.

I must have looked pretty silly with an HRM under my wetsuit.  I had this Blackberry-sized watch (I’m exaggerating) over my arm, so many were intrigued.  Some were green with envy at my having something that they can only pre-order right now.  I didn’t rub it in, but mentioned only that I was taking it to the ocean with me for a test drive.

About the HRM, since the pairing is wireless–it does not take readings in the water.  Duh!  I’ll have to see tomorrow if I messed up by G405 heart rate monitor in the process.  Probably not.  Those things are pretty water-tight.

It was nice to know how much time we took to get from buoy to buoy–roughly 9 minutes per quarter mile.  Yeah, slow–but we were just doing pedestrian pace today.  Or at least I was.  My teammate kept crossing in front of me.  Something to be said for swimming in a straight line.  I know–the swells were pretty big, so that had something to do with it.  But even with my slow swim–I can follow a straight line quite well.

I was tempted to pair my G405 USB wireless stick with the 310XT.  Decided not to in the end, because I’d risk messing my G405 training center setup.  So I took another laptop and installed the 310XT USB wireless stick and also installed the TC on that one.

So I took a look at the result.  41 minutes, with about a minute or so standing in the shallows or talking at the buoys.  The 310XT recorded 3.54 miles.  Elevation was accurate–around 0 or sea level.  Ups and downs naturally, because of the swells.    The 3.54 miles is influenced by the swells and chop, and something else.

Remember what I said about my teammate crossing in front of me?  Well, the GPS result shows me doing the zag for her zig.  Amusing actually.  It is very logical to say that swimming in a straight line would cut down on time.  Unfortunately, open ocean hardly behaves like the pool.

Oh yeah.  Everyone took a drink of ocean water today it seems.  Maybe the chop caused it.  Anyway, it was warmer about 100 meters from the shore (thermocline).  Something else interesting.  They wanted to round the half mile buoy from the quarter mile buoy again which would have made 1.5 miles.  I looked at the time and reasoned I couldn’t do that and hope to get to my brother’s place in time.  I was taking him to the airport afterwards.  My teammates just followed me in and called it a day–turned out I was right.  Just had enough time to get dry and head over to the next town.  All’s well that ends well.

I practiced lengthening my body, and doing high elbow catch.  I even worked on making sure that the push was done for as long as the catch allows.  I also practiced 4 strokes to 1 breath.  Bilateral breaths are very wasteful as far as swim effort.  The more your head stays in the water (or hold off on the breath), the faster you are.  I easily caught my teammates when I did this.

So that was a pretty cool ocean swim!

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Here is a plan that proposes to take someone from a zero to 1 mile swim in 6 weeks.  Interesting…

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