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Better days

I just heard this week that a close friend I had in high school passed away. I just remember that period in my life as care-free. We were almost doing most of the shenanigans and getting away with it at that Catholic school.

We were both active then, but he opted for a sedentary lifestyle after university. Met him last year after nearly 30 years. He seemed upbeat and renewed. He was resolved to get more active and lose weight.

I guess life catches up to you one way or another. Who knows why lifespans are long or short. I’m almost sure he had some underlying health problem. But you know you wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone.

Those were better days. I’m probably healthier now than then, save for being young and having a bright future. But it doesn’t make me stop wishing I could re-live that period in my life.

Happy trails, my friend!

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