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I joined an OW swim + run session. Started at La Jolla Shores to the half mile buoy (if from the LJ Cove, but from the Shores it’s about 500 meters). It was my first time out this year.

Water was cloudy, and the sun wasn’t up yet. So nothing to see–just you by your lonesome in this big body of water. I wasn’t last in, so that was good. We actually waited at the buoy for three people before heading in.

We were given the option to do it twice, but for most–once was good enough. For me, getting reacquainted with my wetsuit in OW was a good first step.

After rinsing off our wetsuits, we got into our run gear to run 30 minutes up on La Jolla Shores Drive. This hill is part of the La Jolla Half Marathon Course, but going the other way.

I led a group up the long hill and then I let loose on the way down. This downhill is a screamer–once you commit, you can’t stop (literally). It took 15 to go up, and about 7 to come down.

I am happy I went. Once you get pass the waves, it becomes like the usual. Had no problems sighting going out, but on the way back the current messed with me. At one point, I was oriented in the opposite direction! That’s why it is necessary to sight constantly in open water, given the unpredictability of the swells and currents.

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