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Here is the link to the race director’s first report.

Here is part 2 of the race director’s report.

Here is the link for the first series of pictures.

Here is the race director’s post with a link to a video documentary of the race.

Here is one runner’s race report: bugobugo85.



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Ironman 70.3 CA Swim start

Ironman 70.3 CA Swim start

Athlete tracker==>

What did I collect from being a spectator? I woke up today feeling liked I just raced, PLUS wicked sunburn on my neck. My voice is coming back, but I’m trying to get myself in mental shape to tackle my workout for today. My long run is skipped this week–just ran out of time I guess.

It was great fun cheering for the athletes as they ran into transition from the swim, and also near the turnaround for the run. If you noticed a guy who was incessantly rapping a plastic clapper on the metal and yelling “looking good” and “awesome”, that was me.

The CAF team was out in force; it was great to see many challenged athletes doing the race. I also talked to an athlete I met in Kona; she was asking why I wasn’t racing. But she seemed content when I mentioned I’ll be racing IMFL and IMAZ down the line. I got my excuse slip!

Saw the pros pretty much in each segment (who led, and who was trying to catch). It was so cool to see all the action. I even startled one by calling out her name; she had her last name on her bib, but I met her in Kona last year. It bothered me not to remember her name all day, so when I called it out it surprised me too! As the first pro came in to finish, I looked at my watch and it told me 3:50! I think he finished close to that time. The women’s race came down to the wire. The first three were not far from each other when they came in.

I was at the finish line area (behind the shirts and caps tent) until after 3PM. That was the time when our last teammate came in. While waiting, I saw someone with 563 on the bib; thought that’s got to be Eric. It was! I shook his hand and congratulated him. He looked tired but happy!

My team turned in 4 great finishes–sub 4:49s with the fastest at 4:30. But considering that these guys can do 4:15s easy, you could see that they were trying to reconcile the finish time with what they could have done better in that race. A number of first timers turned in sub-6:40s, all of them steady. We had 2 first timers break 6 as well. The rest were in the 5s, and we had 3 DNF–one got kicked in the face, another couldn’t run because of back pain, and the last got out after mile 6. He was in a crash the week before and screwed something up. There were 36 in the team racing yesterday.

I then finally had lunch with a co-spectator at Joe’s Crabshack, which was about a half-mile away. My tummy wasn’t up to eating, and the frozen margarita even got to me after a while. But it was super cool to hang out with my friend for a while.

Here is the link to my pictures. I’ll add the captions later, but these are fresh off my camera. The ones that look low-quality are from my phone cam. My dig camera battery doesn’t last very long.

Have a good day!


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Bataan Death March Tribute 102K Ultramarathon

Bataan Death March Tribute 102K Ultramarathon

Yes, on the real Bataan Death March route. It will be 102K of heat and humidity from Mariveles, Bataan to San Fernando, Pampanga in the Philippine island of Luzon. The ultra will be run on both municipal roads and highways. Here is the link to the website and another for the race director’s site. The race director (Mr. Jovenal Narcise) has done plenty of write-ups on his site, including support and general information about the race.

I’ve run the Bataan Death March marathon in White Sands, NM. It remembers the same event in WWII. With both Filipino and American veterans, it is a somber rememberance of the human being’s ability to inflict cruelty on other human beings while we take sides in a conflict. Soldiers (American, allied, and all entrants from around the world) are encouraged to march the 26.2 distance with 35 lbs in a rucksack. It’s not 102K, but I certainly “avoided” that division and ran the easier civilian light division.

I’m thinking that I’ll sign up for the Bataan 102K Ultra in its second running. My schedule this year just would not allow a second trip to the PI so soon. But that historical event is imprinted in my mind as a cultural heritage that’s unique to my race and individuality. It will be a shame to not do it, much like saying a Greek runner not taking part in the Athens Marathon.

Race Route

Race Route

For the ultrarunners who venture out of their countries looking for a great event to run, I encourage you to check out this ultra of high historical significance. It will be a unique notch in your ultra career!

As I finish this post, the clock on the Ultra website said 23:31:07. The ultra is set to start at 1AM on Sunday April 5, 2009. 82 runners will start the race past-midnight to try to avoid the heat of the tropical mid-day sun. Good luck to the runners at the inaugural Bataan Death March Ultra!

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Press releases with more details are here and here.

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Very inspiring. He is the most consistent person ever.

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