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Great long run!

It was a thing of beauty.

I had expected wind gusts of 25-30 miles per hour with predicted winds of 12-13 miles per hour. Knowing this, I was prepared for a slower run. It was (or still is) very nice out, but I had to wear gloves to keep warm. I did focus on pace in the windy parts, but Mr. Wind today was content with just messing with my head. I had to pass one guy in one windy stretch, and I was surprised Mr. Wind let me get away with a 6:30.

When I ran the first two miles at an easy starting pace, another runner kinda played possum and suddenly was there. He was doing 7s. While I could have easily kept up with him, that wasn’t the intent so I let him go.

I ran past joggers, and also saw plenty of people doing crossfit at the park. There were several groups. I guess it’s real fun. They see me running pass each time so they must find me interesting as I do them. I dunno. My core is probably very weak, but my running systems are in top shape. Maybe some cross-envy going on?

I avoid the concrete bike paths. So bad for your bones and joints. When there is no easy way to avoid, I run them but probably at a slower pace. I try not to buzz the slower runners or surprise the walkers.

When I did get to Fiesta Island, the usual people were already there doing what they do on Saturdays. Always that one older gentleman who insists on riding his touring bike at 15 mph without a helmet. I wave at a few ultra-runners running the island in circles. They find my ramming speed a curious site. And of course, people with their dogs are always there; there is a dog-run on the west side, and they do obedience school at the field adjacent to it on weekends. Can’t forget the people fishing on the north side. Plenty of Asians with their fishing hats and boots. Nice way to spend each weekend, don’t you think? Few triathletes out; more roadies.

As I mentioned, the wind was pretty tame. I thought it would be a fight, but the one section on the east side where I usually get crosswinds was almost quiet. I took advantage of the shielded areas and gave my lungs an active break (slowing down the pace some), and then concentrated on the work to be done on the super-windy west side. Aack! It’s a love-hate affair on that side. You are getting a great workout running/cycling into the wind, but at that same time you can’t wait for it to be over. And I do it 3 times in one workout!

My energy didn’t sag, and my pace was pretty even. Got a 7:54 average over 18. Either the training is working or I just got lucky. I’d take whatever good result I can get. Did get to 13.1 in 1:43:30. Didn’t want to go too fast on account of the wind, but to arrive at 7:55 pace or so was great.

I didn’t get any snotty runners pass me in my 3 mile recovery run.  They must wonder why I’m running so slow.  Dude, I just smoked through 18, what have you done?  Anyway, I just laugh when I get that look.  I got some smiles from some cute women running when they saw me with my gloves on.  He he–gloves in San Diego!  I get cold easily…


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