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Here we go again!

Remember this image?  These guys at Beijing were simply awesome.  A Canadian won gold I think.

Can’t afford to keep it off any longer.  I’m back training for a few long-course triathlons down the road.  This week, I’m plunging back into the water and hitting the bike as well.  I still have a few weeks with the run as my main priority, but the build for the bike and swim will slowly take equal time into June.

My first one this year is a half ironman in good old Napa Valley, CA.  Yeah, the wine region.  The swim will be in the river somewhere.  We are staying in Santa Rosa, CA.  It promises to be scenic.  Anyway, what better excuse to visit that area.

So here we go again.  Back to much discomfort and little time for anything.  Back to a feeling of fatigue that never leaves.  Oh well, if life were less hectic and more giving–it wouldn’t be this much fun!


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