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I find myself transfixed by the book, “Daniels Running Formula”.  At first, it was just one more book I needed to read.  Lately, my flight to quality has me looking into whether the combination I set up stands up to common sense.  Maybe Daniels represents one extreme, in that you use it as a training bible for competitive running.  But at the same time, reading between the lines, you can figure out how to make things practical so that you save yourself from overtraining or injury.

Take periodization for example.  Basically, segmenting blocks of training days for specific purposes.  Even when you are in the final phase of a plan, you can still segment further by dividing it into a beginning, middle, and end.  What’s convenient is that you can plan a recovery week in between, sort of a break for the body in preparation for the next big push.

At least for right now, my sense is that my mix is right but training at slightly less than LT is off a bit.  He says that training at treshold should always be done at a consistent pace to get the most benefit.  For intervals, I’m doing it right.  Slightly faster than 5K to push V02 max to around 90-98% of capacity.    Never over, because there is no benefit to overtaxing the body and affecting the training cycle because of longer recovery times.

At least at this early phase, I’ve relied on repeats to train at marathon pace.  Not too bad, since training at MP requires two systems to coincide: first, your muscles have to learn running at speed and improved economy; and second, your cardiovascular capacity has to catch up as well.  But for someone like me who has a base of years of long slow distances, I think the CV capacity is already there.  The whole thing just needs to be synchronized.

I’m actually running much lower miles than most people would be led into believing.  I don’t know–it’s just me.  I have never run that many miles common to runners’ schedules in a week.  Am having enough phantom soreness as it stands with the quality workouts; I don’t want it aggravated by more miles.  My simple plan is to give my body all the rest it needs between sessions.  Daniels assumes you do more than 60 miles; I’m nowhere near that.  I’m lucky if I do 35 miles a week.  I only do 4 days of running.

I’m actually enjoying checking off workouts on my list right now.  No, not the tri workouts but the running ones.  I know I can never be a pure triathlete, so I just try to do more of what I do best.  I run.

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