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Track: hold on!

So it was supposed to be easy.  The plan was:

5 X 400, Z2 @ :10 sec rest
5 X 400, Z3 @ :20 sec rest
5 X 400, Z4 @ :30 sec rest

I wore my new Newton All-Weather trainers today, so the plan was: new shoes = run slow.  So what happened?

I naturally tucked in and ran with my usual pace group initially.  Zone 2s are easy.  Zone 3s are a bit harder.  Coming into the Z4s, I thought I’d peel off and do my own thing.  For some reason, I kept right on with the pace group.

Finally, at the 4th rep of Zone 4s, I peeled off.  I then finished the 5th set right around the same pace as my pace group, but I’ve allowed a gap to form in the 4th rep.

Seeing as these are short sets, it is hard when  you do them and then when you’ve recovered–you don’t remember what the fuzz was about.   Anyway, I was hanging with my usual pace group without meaning too.  But the good thing is they actually noticed that they couldn’t shake me tonight.  Cool.

Running in Newtons is a bit different.  If you don’t hit the angle right, the bouncy portion kind of kicks you back; so the best way to run is to hit the angle right, meaning that running in these shoes actually take some training.  I did alright.

I would have run in my Zoot Energy shoes, but for some reason I didn’t feel like changing into them tonight.  Good excuse to run in the Newtons anyway, since I’ve been using them for walking around town the entire week.  Yeah, I walk like I’m on the moon on these things.

Fun workout.  I also talk to the two fastest guys in the group and found that they play with their shoes a lot as well.  We were talking about them while warming up, because they also have the usual pairs–racers, trainers, Zoots, and Newtons.

Oh, my 405 was at 23% power so I couldn’t keep track of my pace.  I really didn’t care about it tonight, but it looks like we were doing the zone 4s at sub-6s according to one of the guys.

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