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I got allergies going on.  So I hesitatingly took claritin tabs which raises my BP a bit.  Going without it meant I’d have to deal with the allergy symptoms while trying to do a long run.  It wasn’t going to happen.

It started off fine.  I hit each section at the right paces, and pretty much guaranteed a similar time at the half-marathon point (I hit it at 1:44:49 today, 1:45:23 the week before, and 1:45:50 two weeks before).  I do get that annoying sweat in the eyes thing, which I can handle any other day than today–where I was actually running while suffering allergies.

The pattern this week has been one of low energy for the runs.  Same thing with this one.  My last loop around Fiesta Island was slower than the first two loops.  I thought it was going to be bad, but I still got in at mile 18 just two minutes off my usual.

But I felt like I suffered much today.  Could be the claritin.  All I wanted to do was stop, which was impractical given how far my car was.  Walking it was out of the question.

It was a great day for any outside activity.  Everyone was out.  I’d have enjoyed it if the stoopid allergies weren’t present.  Anyway, one more 21 miler  for the books.  My average pace today was 8:15; last week, it was 8:06 I think.  Ehh, I’d take it.

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