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A great brick workout

The group had bike-to-run (T2) transition practice this past Sunday. I had to miss it due to some work. Anyway, I can’t see much difference between doing brick workouts or transition practice. Most of the elements are the same.

I took part in the brick workout tonight. We do a spin session on bike trainers for an hour and then run afterwards. Normally it is very taxing, and designed to be so that we can learn how to run after being on the bike for a while. Was actually looking forward to it after having stared at my computer screen for a while.

Tonight, I found myself having super energy at the end of the hour for spinning. So surprising. One coach even attempted to increase the friction, but it was to no avail. I was going really really fast in the lowest gear. We mainly stayed at 6-7-8-9, and did one set at 9 for 5 minutes, race pace. I never crank at 9 outside, and I can usually do 22mph+ at gear 5! So I don’t know what speed I can potentially get at 9.

When it came to run time, my transition took but half a minute. That was surprising too. I usually take my sweet time. I opened my stride and found myself with only 1 runner in front. It’s really weird because I usually follow the speedy guys. Finally relaxed when the two of them passed me in succession a quarter mile and then 2/3 of a mile down. I was thinking that they’d never live that down.

Must have been running 6s and sub-7 minute miles tonight. I ended up running the full 5 miles again. Am starting to look forward to any opportunity to open up on speed. (What’s really interesting is that I am definitely a mid-foot striker! My heels never touched the ground even when I was running 6s.)

I finished the workout strong, and felt like my lungs are now 100%. Another great brick workout for the books!

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