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My teammate was a bit tentative.  Her hamstrings have been complaining lately.  She said that the Elfin Forest ride would be more technical, and that she’d be happy to just get the hours.  I said, it’s your pick–when we have to make the turn, you decide.

It was a cold day.  I thought I was a bit overdressed, but it seems like I was dressed just right when the first gust of cold wind hit.  Never thought I’d be so happy to have my neck and arm warmers on!

Puddles of water everywhere, from the rain yesterday.  No rain where we were today, except for ominous dark clouds forming in the horizon.  So we had to be careful about water, exposed rocks, all kinds of debris, and just the slickness of the surfaces  we were riding on.

The ocean was churning like a washing machine.  Plenty of big waves!  I think the winds might have something to do with that.  Curious that so many people were out even in the cold.

I let my teammate dictate the pace.  It was her training ride after all (she’s training for a half-Ironman).  I rode on her back wheel mostly, so I got plenty of spray from her back wheel.  We laughed about our pseudo-“trail” ride.

We averaged about 18mph when we were going.  Plenty of lights and stops along the way.  Few cyclists when we started, but more of them showed up right as we were finishing.

I checked on her condition, and she concluded a ride up the coast would suit her fine today.  So at the turn-off, we stayed left and on the coastal road.  We road as far as the Oceanside Pier, not too far away from where we turned for that bike ride where I miraculously hung with the fast cyclists to mile 38 I think.

We stopped to admire the view at the entrance of the pier.  We saw the theatre by the beach.  Cool.  The ride back down the coast wasn’t too bad.  Plenty of cyclists just talking and taking their time.

I was famished by the time we got to Leucadia, so we stopped by my favorite breakfast place.  Had myself the usual french toast, coffee, and orange juice.  Boy did it hit the spot!  My teammate ordered the crepe with strawberries on top.  She enjoyed the stop very much!

We weren’t that far from Torrey Pines at this point, and  we had that hill to think of.  So we cut the stop short and started riding again.  The winds were picking up for some reason.

My teammate rode up the climb on correct gears.  I was right behind her, but I was moshing it.  I had the big chain ring on, and about the fifth gear from the bottom.  Just thought I’d find out how hard it would be to mosh up that big hill.  Anyway, it was fun!

When we got up on Torrey Pines, the Buick Open traffic control volunteers had the streets coned off.  We pretty much had several lanes to ourselves, which was great!   We passed by UCSD on our way back to our start point.  By now, the campus was alive with soccer matches, water polo, and even track.  I almost ran into my teammate when she stopped suddenly; a student on a skateboard was going 40 mph down the hill.  Cool!

So we covered about 53 miles today, in 3:32.  It was cold out there, but the ride turned out to be a lot of fun!

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