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It’s a page-turner. Great story in this month’s Runners World magazine. Here is the link to some videos over at the RW site.

Talk about overcoming adversity.

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(We were going to do a bike ride, but it rained so much.  Postponed until tomorrow.  So I went to the gym instead.)

Been a while. I wanted to get better before subjecting my body to core training.

I don’t know what happened. Before I knew it, it became a CHALLENGE workout! For example:

  • Overhead pull 3 X 6 X 150 (+ 15 lbs)
  • Row 3 X 12 X 155 (+20 lbs)
  • Incline leg press 2 X 12 X 790 (+70 lbs) then 1 X 12 X 810 (+90 lbs)
  • Assisted chest press 3 X 6 X 190 (+40 lbs)
  • Chest press dumbells 3 X 6 X 55 (+5 lbs)

I did more, but most were within my normal range. After a good 2 hours of this, I jumped into the pool and did some TI (total immersion) sets. Covered at least 1500 meters. It was an unbelievable swim workout–learned so much!

I then visited the sauna after an hour at the pool. Could only stand 15 minutes versus my usual 30. I think I was dehydrated or something.

Great workout today!

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This is making the rounds in our bulletin board. She becomes the first woman to cross the Atlantic.

ESPN story about Jennifer Figge

Her facebook page

So her trip probably covered 3500 miles?  And she had to swim through 30 foot waves?

What more is there to say–except ” Amazing, magical, and history-making! I think the ground is shaking…

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