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Track practice: Strides!

(La Jolla High School track was lighted tonight. The kids were having a soccer match.)

The plan was simple intervals:

  • 1 mile warm-up.
  • 3 sets of 2 X 200 Zone 2 @10 sec, and 1 X 1600 Zone 3 @30 sec.
  • 1 mile cool-down.

Since I knew I couldn’t push it aerobically, I decided to stick with the plan but do strides for the stated distances. Slower for the Zone 2s and picked up a bit for the Zone 3s. I didn’t tell the coach this, and I don’t know why he didn’t notice. Well, the group has grown a lot. So… Just to be sure it didn’t turn it into a true intervals practice, I didn’t turn on my GPS.

It worked nicely. I was doing long strides in the Zone 2s, so even if I wasn’t doing any more exertion I pretty much passed a lot of teammates on the strength of those strides!

For the Zone 3s or faster strides, I found that I had to be careful not to engage my hips (my running engine). Focus was harder–I had to concentrate on my arm swings more and holding the stride longer before impact. If you’ve seen a gazelle in mid-stride, that was what I was going for. Also made sure my lungs weren’t involved.

One thing I also noticed is that it is hard to hit mid-foot when doing strides. The natural tendency is to hit with the heel; maybe I just need to train more.

Ultimately, because my pace was dictated by longer strides, I ended up lapping a lot of teammates. I finished just behind the usual runners doing 6:30 pace. So my longer strides practice must have propelled me to about 7 minute miles. Which means, it may have seemed like I was doing normal intervals!

For the cool-down, I did a few lateral jumps and side-to-side practices. Got a few people interested.

Said HI to a lot of teammates tonight. Some are crazy, and everyone is just funny! Thinking I’m joining them for trails practice this weekend.

Great workout!


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