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Warm Sake goes a long way

I ventured out at lunch time dressed in shorts and a sweatshirt. It’s chilly out, and I was just a tad on the cold side.

Went to a Japanese restaurant that I haven’t visited in a while. Ordered a plate of sushi and water. The waiter offered me warm soup. Somehow, while sipping the broth, I thought about warm Sake. Don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve had it. Maybe Boston in 2005?


Anyway, I asked the waiter whether they served it. Affirmative. He brought over a warm bottle and a porcelain cup. Hmmm. The first few cups were heavenly. Warmed up my tummy rather nicely. Before long, I was totally relaxed. My body was generating more heat than giving it up. I know I finished the sushi, but it didn’t seem to register in my feel-good state.

Lunch and sake isn’t too bad a combo. I won’t even qualify the feeling as a buzz. Anyway, it will be another 3 years before my next serving of Sake!


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Here is mine–my hat seems to be falling off!

Running happy in Carlsbad

Running happy in Carlsbad

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