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Ron, QS, and Christiane at the Carlsbad Marathon finish

Ron, QS, and Christiane at the Carlsbad Marathon finish

The weather was overcast, 50-60 degrees. Runner’s weather!

I was pacing for at least one teammate. There were two that I’ve introduced to long distances who were running their first marathon today. Ron ran with us for a while, but Christiane and I ran together for the whole marathon. Ron is tall, so his one step is two of ours; we kinda figured it was hard for him to stay with us.

Anyway, both did very well. Ron did 4:12 and Christiane did 4:17. I followed Christiane in. It was a surprise to me how strong both were after mile 21. Really consistent pacing, feeding, hydrating, and just managing their endurance overall. They promised to treat their informal coach to a steak dinner. Hmmm.

Glad I stayed away from speed today. My lungs are just recovering from some mild flu. The slower pace was ultimately good for my lungs I think. Oh, the pace groups withered to 3 or 4 after mile 18. 3:30, 3:40, 3:50, 4:00, 4:15, etecetera. I don’t know what was going on there.

Yo Mikey (a Kickrunners.com MSF friend) was at the finish; he actually yelled my name which made me turn and find him before I went into the finish line chute. That was cool. I stopped over and talked to him for a little bit before we took off. (There is evidence in the photos)

Here is an experiential race report about running thisĀ  marathon and the random thoughts that fly freely.

Overall, a great day.

I wanted to add: the announcer was saying 2009 might be the last showing of the Carlsbad marathon. The organizers are negotiating with other cities to put together the future “Beach Cities” marathon/half-marathon. We think it might be a marathon run on the PCH from beginning to end. That means no more big bump at miles 8-9.

Here are some photos.


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