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Running marathons is about the most unforgiving of endurance events.  If you put in little training, you will definitely be suffering for a few hours.  It’s the kind of pain that makes you question your sanity; it makes you want to cry, if you have the luxury or courage to.

Anyway, there is no way around it.  You have to keep at your training if you want to be good at running.  When you see someone running in good form at mile 21, he wasn’t born with some gift for endurance.  He worked at it.

Which is why a running base could span years if a runner has never stopped running.  By stopping, I mean any stoppage of 2 months or more.  There is no need to run your body to the ground either.  As long as there is continuity (run some miles weekly), then it will all add up.

I worry about situations where I have to rest due to illness.  Of course, the most time I ever had to stay away from running is one week.  The plus is my body gets the rest; the minus is I feel sluggish when I finally start to run again.  Nothing to complain about, because we are really only talking about days here.

So take my advice–train consistently.  And then run like the wind when you race!


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