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Oh shoot. I got too close to the transmitter that it started to download. When I went online, nothing was uploaded.

Can you guess what happened? I didn’t press the RESET button to save the data to history! Ugggh!

Somehow, when the “data” gets transmitted–the buffer is cleared out. Meaning, my unsaved training file is toast! Gone.

Tough lesson learned. After all, there is no way to reconstruct that data. It was a twisted track workout too!

Go figure. 6 X 400, 5 X 400, 4 X 400. 3.75 miles at 6:40 pace. You’ll have to trust my honesty with that. 1 mile warm-up and 1 mile cool-down. I did both warm-up and cool-down at 8:15 pace.

20 second recovery each 400, and 2 X n push-ups in-between sets. For the push-ups, I did: a) 1 X 50 fast, 1 X 30 fast then 1 X 20 slow (the coach caught me and told me to slow it down); b) 2 X 25 slow; c) 1 X 50 slow then 1 X 20 slow 1 X 15 slow 1 X 15 slow; d) for good effect 2 X 25 slow. That’s right–300 push-ups. (show-off!)

Why were we doing push-ups you ask? Was this a nod to cross-fit? Nah; the coaches are aiming it at developing the upper body strength of the triathletes. I don’t think it helps much with the running, but I’ll take part –all for the sake of fun! Yeah–I’m sure I did the most push-ups tonight.

I had a long-sleeved tech-T, but I started sneezing soon after the workout.  Not EIA, but sneezing.  So it must have been somewhat cool tonight.  I think I caught me a cold!


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