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Chip Time: 1:38:07  Wall Time: 1:38:12   Overall Place: 273/12434  Sex Place:  227  Division Place: 43  Pace: 7:26


Cold morning.  I had short-sleeves on with gloves.  My feet and hands were numb from the cold anyway.  I ran with these until after mile 5.

Started briskly, finishing 22:31 minutes at the 5K mark and then 46:09 minutes at the 10K mark.  I only know this because they had volunteers tell the runners. 

My stomach started to feel funny at mile 4, so that may have affected my pace.  Could just be the time zones.   

It was dark, and I was running by feel pretty much.  I couldn’t rely on my GPS watch until after mile 11.  I see huge potential in training at the 7s by feel (dude, you need to do this), because my magic pace (the pace I most likely will settle in, unfocused) is 7:30.  It’s like I’m pace-disabled without my GPS!

So I completed the race doing a 7:26 pace.  Almost respectable.  What’s cool is my overall placing–just above 2%.  Crazy!   

Full report after the marathon is completed.  Tomorrow morning!


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