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This was a training run for me, so I didn’t get out of the 10-min per mile zone. With many stops to chat and also take pictures, I came in at 4:24-4:26 I think.

This course is gnarly–very hilly. It is also very beautiful. Here is the post with the photos.

Met a fast runner from Greenville, NC. Her name is Carmen–she got second overall woman. Got a plush monkey for her efforts. Met Phil Minn, Chuck Engle, and Janice–well-known maniacs in these parts. Chuck wins races, while Janice dressed up like Dorothy in the past two HHFM marathons. Got a picture of Marathon Junkie and McLovin in the same shot. Also, got a starting and finishing shot of the famed Larry Macon! 92 marathons to-date this year. Also got to meet the zany RD Trent Rosenbloom.

Very well organized, and top-quality marathon. Only 200 slots, but well worth standing in line for it. I’ll see if I can do this again next year.

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You can call it a forced vacation of sorts.  It’s cold up here, so I didn’t really want to leave San Diego.

It’s quite nice out here actually.  It reminds me of Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Plenty of antebellum homes and large estates.  Their buildings and roads also look like those in PA.  Pretty.  Didn’t do much looking around; I’ll save that for the R&R one in the future.

The “fun” run is tomorrow, so I’m just sitting out here mellowed out.  There is no speed thing for this, so absolutely no pressure.  I guess I have to make sure I get to the event on time.


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Smooth as silk, and he glides through the water like a dolphin.  Wow!  Here is his video

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Holiday music, anyone?

All holiday music channel, no ads. Find it here… Smooth Jazz

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Another crazy workout night

Started out with an hour of spinning. The real thing. Then a 30-minute run with Mike.

Afterwards, I went to the gym. Thought I’d stay for 2 hours; ended up close to 3.

I call this my super-nasty gym workout:

1 hour machines (each 3 X 12)
1 row 110
2 overhead pull 100
3 chest 110
4 fly 80
5 abs 60
6 calves 210-220-240
7 abs/triceps machine 135
8 arm pull, golf swing 110 each side 3 X 12 X 2
9 arm raise 40 only 8 reps (try out)
10 arm pullover 40 only 8 reps (try out)
11 selectorized pull-up (8 X 5, 60 resistance)
12 selectorized dips (8 X 5, 60 resistance)
13 back 170

1.5 hour weights
1 assisted chest press 45 (3 X 12) and then 25 (1 X 12)
2 chest press 40
3 curls 40 each arm (3 X 3 try out)
4 biceps 50 both arms, slow and smooth
5 tricep pull 50 slow
6 row 140
7 incline leg press 630 (first time in a while; usually at 540)
8 incline leg lift 630

I end up doing the machines I like. I just naturally gravitate towards a number of them; I don’t do bikes, ellipticals, stairs, or even the treadmill. There just isn’t enough time.

My upper body is pretty strong, but I have a ways to go. I don’t know if it’s genetics, but the strongest part of my body are easily my legs. Now the task is to make the upper body catch up with my legs.  Funny thing–my legs actually look very normal (nothing like those power lifters).

Can’t say this is the worst crazy workout. Let’s just say I’m used to it. I’m just getting started. I’ll be pinpointing the most important exercises and then focus solely on those if I want to get stronger for multisports.

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Getting my LCD monitor fixed

It just died. Newer 22-in LCD with high definition. Problem is, the warranty has expired. I called Gateway support; they suggested that I get it fixed at a local facility. That’s was the most likely outcome. Anyway, went down to Best Buy and they are going to work on it. I liked that monitor too, so no replacement is planned. Even if these LCD monitors are getting cheaper by the minute. Yup, people are still buying over at Best Buy. Everyone is into gadgets these days.

Also stopped over at Borders for a few minutes after lunch. You can see the strain on the employees eyes; this downturn is sure to cause widespread sadness and knows no bounds. I couldn’t find the book I was looking for so I took off. Will get back there later on.

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A hill simulator?

What will they come up with next?  Check this out…

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Printed last week by SFGate.  Apparently she got in trouble for running marathons and ultras, as well as participating in triathlons, while on workman’s compensation.  Was it wrong?  You decide.  Could she have played it better?–Definitely.



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From the Breakaway Training website. Here is the slideshow for the Silver Strand Half Marathon.  Enjoy!

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