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Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I am one happy camper!

Pretty quiet where I am.  Most of those who travel are gone, and even those who are around seem bored out of their minds.  Funny.

I think I’ll show up for spin class tonight like always, and then spend the rest of the week running!

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I asked the question after Kona and while watching IM Florida.  Did I have the fitness to have done IMFL two weeks after Kona?

The answer was a resounding YES!  So guess what–I signed up for IM Arizona too!  The great thing about this race is that I can drive to it.  Awesome!

Now I really have to train!  I got about 11 months before the double hits.  Items on the agenda–swim faster and keep improving on the bike.

Wish me luck!

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Probably less than two hours after it was opened to the general public.  I guess there are plenty of takers in the west coast, since you don’t have to travel very far.  Don’t know when community fund slots will open for this.  Plenty left for CdA, Wisconsin, and Lake Placid.

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Maybe another 8 newly minted ironmen came to be this past Sunday.  About 11 teammates finished IMAZ with great times 9:40-14:10, with the mean around 12:00 or so.  So for the BT group, possibly about 30 out of 150 have made the IM distance.  It’s becoming top-heavy.

I’m hoping at least two of our teammates are going to Kona.  It will make the decision to go back in 2009 as support a little easier.

I wasn’t there, but was watching the video feed from Nashville.  I think I saw everyone cross.  Cool!

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My running friend from over the big pond is starting to make big waves in Philippine sports!  Here is his latest post: Team Bald Runner Beats RP’s ASEAN Games Gold Medalist

Bald Runner has also kindly posted important team statistics.  OMG, these runners are all contenders no matter where they find themselves in.  Amazing!!!!

More to come…

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