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This was a training run for me, so I didn’t get out of the 10-min per mile zone. With many stops to chat and also take pictures, I came in at 4:24-4:26 I think.

This course is gnarly–very hilly. It is also very beautiful. Here is the post with the photos.

Met a fast runner from Greenville, NC. Her name is Carmen–she got second overall woman. Got a plush monkey for her efforts. Met Phil Minn, Chuck Engle, and Janice–well-known maniacs in these parts. Chuck wins races, while Janice dressed up like Dorothy in the past two HHFM marathons. Got a picture of Marathon Junkie and McLovin in the same shot. Also, got a starting and finishing shot of the famed Larry Macon! 92 marathons to-date this year. Also got to meet the zany RD Trent Rosenbloom.

Very well organized, and top-quality marathon. Only 200 slots, but well worth standing in line for it. I’ll see if I can do this again next year.

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