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Missed track practice because of a big accident on the highway. Went the other way and found myself at the gym.  Core workout mostly, but the gym was really busy. Missed a few machines but no matter. I’ll come back later in the week.

Found myself doing the treadmill at 6.0 incline starting at 5 miles per hour. I finished at 8.0 incline at 5.6 miles per hour. Yup–going faster as the incline gets steeper.  So I was bumping .5 incline and .2 miles per hour as I passed each mile.  My HR went up like 145, 165, 176, and 181.  The last half mile was particularly difficult because my EIA was making a show; I was trying not to cough with so many people around.  I wasn’t paying attention to the elapsed time, but when I hit 4 miles that was pretty much it energy-wise.  I ran slowly after that and then went into recovery mode (allowing my HR to slowly come down to 115 before vacating the machine).

I usually do this kind of workout when I’m getting ready to run a hilly or technical marathon.  And in fact, I am.  The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon in Nashville, TN is next weekend.  The idea is not really to run the hills, but to remind the body what’s coming up.  You really don’t want a nasty surprise like that on race day.

I did a few more machines after the TM run.  My shirt was soaked and I was getting cold from the air blowing out of the vents, so I called it a night.  Great workout tonight.  I’m spent!

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I know this one woman who doesn’t use sunscreen. WTF? Don’t know what super powers she think she has, but she’ll be making some skin cancer doctor rich years down the road. I think its a bit weird–I can only stand so much sun exposure in one week. I can say for sure, about 5 hours. It doesn’t matter if I’m on the bike or the run.  Going back to that woman–we were out riding for 6 hours on a nice day (had to go her speed).  Found out two weeks later that she got really sunburned.  In fact, she looked like she had several layers of peeling going on near her upper back and arms when I saw her.  The sunburn looked really nasty on fair skin!  Melanoma anyone?  Uggh.

I use SPF 50. The only reason why I don’t go any higher is that those sunscreens become so thick you look like you just came from a spa with a facemask! The highest I tried is SPF70. I got dark skin, so you might think I worry about cancer less? Each time I go out where there is risk of exposure, I’m smelling like sunscreen.

In my ironman race, I wore a short sleeve TRI singlet. Guess I’m not used to wearing these things, so I forgot to apply sunscreen near my shoulder blades. But I did put enough on my arms and shoulders. A week or two after the race, I discovered some peeling on my arms and shoulders. Even more near my shoulder blades. And this is SPF50 we are talking about! I guess the darkened skin on my arms and shoulders had to come off after becoming dry and brittle. But my back was a normal burn. The bad thing is that you probably have less nerves on your back, because I didn’t feel it at all. I especially missed the point around the singlet’s arm holes, so I looked like a sunburned triathlete there for a while. Got to do a better job.

If you engage in any outside activity, protect yourself from the Sun. Apply and then reapply suncreen up to SPF50. Wear a hat and sunglasses too. Wear the appropriate clothing that provides sun protection.

Here are some helpful links:

American Cancer Society, How to Protect Yourself

How Sun-Smart Are You?

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