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Death of a Virgin

Death of the Virgin

I was happy to visit that museum again. I always seem to find it closed when I’m around. The displays for Russian icons (coptic church) were incredibly detailed and impressive. Also saw the exhibit, Kimono as Art: The Landscapes of Itchiku Kubota. The design on the Kimonos look like impressionist art.

I had a few minutes after, so I entered the San Diego Museum of Art. Found myself in the Asian arts section. I was particularly interested in the Persian helmet with the elaborate noseguard–if you’ve seen the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”, you’ve seen these. Al Salahudin was wearing one during the final battle scene.

The little bronze buddhist and hindu statues were also great to look at. So much detail. Don’t know if it was the lighting, but that room just happened to have plenty of eye candy. Don’t blame me. I’m a guy!

Afterwards, I stopped by the Tea Pavilion for a Teriyaki rice with salmon lunch bowl. Very satisfying. The air up in Balboa was cool, but I was wearing a wool vest. I was warm and stylish too!

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