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I got a Garmin 405 today

Right away, I noticed that the charging base is no more. Instead, there is a charging clip. Nice. Will test it out this weekend. Very pricey indeed, but after losing my trusted 305 there was no choice. I’ll probably get a cheap 305 via E-bay or something. Now the crazy running can continue.

Running test 1, 11/8/2008

1 Nicely acquires satellites. Much faster than the 305. If the HRM was already paired earlier, then putting on the HRM makes the 405 notice that an HRM (signal) was detected. Cool.

2 Began at 95% power, ended at 50% power after 3.5 hours of GPS use. The 8 hour max is true. You still need the 305 for ultras beyond 50K.

3 Stayed with the total time, pace, and distance display. Touching the bezel showed actual time, HR, and speed display. Works nicely during the run. Some slight unintentional touches on the bezel did not change the display. I know about the enter/quit bezel lock feature; didn’t think I’d need it because I set the bezel touch sensitivity to medium (default).

4 I thought I would have a problem with the smaller displays, but didn’t have any issues at all. Had turned off the autoscroll feature; didn’t miss it at all. Also turned off the alerts feature; my buddy’s 305 was doing it for us today.

5 At the end of the run, stopped the recording. Got to the history easily, and touching the bezel allows you to scroll through each lap. There are no max pace display though (like in the 305). Guess I have to see if its available via the computer report.

6 As I sit here waiting for a phone call in a dark office, I did the double touch on the bezel to turn on illumination. Very nice. Also checked to see if I’ve reset the training mode; it was reset earlier to record the data in history. Since the GPS has been turned off earlier, it actually tells you the GPS is off while in training mode. Very intuitive.

7. When not recording and the user is not tapping the buttons or touching the bezel, the 405 automatically goes on power save mode. It is supposed to be able to go 2 weeks without recharge if used as a watch plus a 30-minute use for the training feature each day. To make it “wake up”, you press the enter button.

8. Going through the settings and finding things still takes some getting used to. But many of the menus are similar to the 305, so it’s not too difficult to deal with. Many of the features can be turned on/off easily and the choices have an almost intuitive feel. For example, I turned the GPS on and off easily. I also specified sports=running by walking through the choices. I don’t think there is a button you can hold that automatically gives you a pull-down menu to change between running, biking, or multisports (whatever that means).

Running test 1, overall summary:

Does what it’s supposed to do. I’m really happy with it. Watch weighs like a normal men’s digital sports watch. It’s like it wasn’t even there.

Update 11/12/2008.

I did a short run where I didn’t turn the training feature on.  Since my jacket rubbed against the bezel, the light would sometimes come on.  Best thing to do is to lock the bezel if you don’t want this to happen.  When in training mode, you can also lock the bezel to prevent the bezel from being activated.  It’s a lot harder to do while on the run, so best to do it before you go out.  Been wearing it as a watch for two days now; the power drain is minimal.

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(need input from Z, R, and C)

Nov 8-9 E–available for 19 miler (Sat/Sun)
Nov 15-16 E–Silver Strand weekend, Z–Silver Strand weekend, R–Silver Strand weekend, C–Silver Strand weekend
Nov 22-23 E–Nashville weekend
Nov 29-30 E–available for 19 miler or 21 miler (Sat/Sun)

Dec 6-7 E–Las Vegas weekend
Dec 13-14 E–Dallas weekend
Dec 19-20 E–available for 19 miler or 21 miler (Sat/Sun)
Dec 27-28 E–available for 21 miler (Sat/Sun)

Jan 3-4 E–available for 21 miler (Sat/Sun)
Jan 10-11 E–Orlando weekend, Z–taper, R–taper, C–taper
Jan 17-18 E–no activity, Z–taper, R–taper, C–taper
Jan 24-25 E–Carlsbad weekend, Z–Carlsbad weekend, R–Carlsbad weekend, C–Carlsbad weekend

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