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It’s weird. Something is not yet right.

I already had a full year, doing plenty of marathons. Plus, I tacked on my first foray into triathlons. Thought I could just jump right back and keep at my usual frenetic pace, but somehow something is different.

My marathons into January were planned ahead of time, so it made sense to continue that way. I even planned to do a half Ironman and then a full Ironman next year. That’s scheduled too. In between, about nine months of the year 2009 is empty.

I’m not burned out, not at all. I guess what’s weird is that my forward progress was momentarily arrested, and now putting it back on the usual track seems harder somehow. What’s changed?

Thinking maybe that the start of the winter season and the end of the TRI season is playing right into my usual lazy self. Something like, an object that’s not moving is a lot harder to dislodge than something which is already moving. (Darn it, there is this elegant word that I can’t think of right now.)

Maybe a slowdown is a good thing. I am planning a time-off between February to July 2009. That is, no racing at all. Stay local, and just train-train-train! I’d like to be better at training for races, versus the usual hodgepodge that I do. Maybe give my coaches a break and actually try to become a better student.

At least that is the plan.

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Jeff Beck — Space for the Papas

Coldplay — Viva La Vida

Coldplay — Speed of Sound

Maroon 5 – Won’t go home without you

Foo Fighters — Let it die

Queen — We are the champions

Queen — We will rock you

Queen — Another one bites the dust

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Heard so many good things about it. Anyway, I took the plunge. Pricey, so I just have to avoid doing special TRI training for two months or so. Got a DVD too, so I’ll take a look at it. Here is a link to the TI website.

I want to try their methods and know it in the next three months. That way, I get to really get the benefit from attending the seminar.

Hope I won’t swim like a turtle in my next Ironman!

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Swim techniques

Alex Popov on YouTube.

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A woman didn’t make bike cutoffs one season.  Problem was, her bike did not fit her because you see–she only had one leg.  She came back the next year and finally finished Kona.  Here is Sarah Reinertsen’s website.  It has links for that well-publicized story.

A man was at mile 105 when a race vehicle (a motorbike) plowed into him.  The accident broke his frame and destroyed his tires.  Since he was close, he decided to walk it in.  Barely made the bke cufoffs and the whole thing became a suffer-fest.  But he completed the race, and his story has made him mythic.  Here is Chris Sadowski’s story in a DeFeet website column.

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