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Newsletter November 2008

Welcome to the special Kona edition of the LifeSport newsletter! LifeSport was actively involved as the Official Coaches of the Ford Ironman World Championships hosting the Official Preparation Camp, clinics, the LifeSport Lounge for athletes to meet and relax, and supporting the LifeSport athletes in the race. We would like to congratulate all of the LifeSport athletes and Campers that qualified for, and raced this legendary event. This edition gives a sample of some of the wonderful stories from this year’s race and camp.

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Linsey Corbin – Top USA Triathlete

LifeSport congratulates Linsey Corbin of Missoula, Montana on her 5th place finish in Kona. Linsey joined coach Lance Watson three seasons ago as a promising age group athlete turning pro.

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Sean Swarner – Cancer is Just a Speed Bump

Sean is a cancer survive who was stricken with 2 different cancers, both thought to be terminal when diagnosed, in his teenage years.

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Susan Nixon – Big Island Success

Susan is a local Hawaii athlete who qualified at the Honu 70.3 Ironman. She had the advantage of training on the course and in the conditions.

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Katya Meyers – Don’t Call it a Comeback

In 2007, Paul Regensburg first met Katya Meyers at the expo in Kona. Katya was there representing one of her sponsors, Aqua Sphere, but unable to race due to frustrating year of chronic fatigue.

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Rachel Ross – Age Group Excellence

If you were preparing for the Hawaii Ironman and had a near debilitating ITB injury for most of the year, were in your 30’s, a mother of 3, and had the stress of recently losing your job with the bad economy – how would your race go?

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Dale Haines – Alaska to Hawaii

A big congratulations goes out to Ironman lottery spot winner and Oil executive Dale Haines. Dale is a LifeSporter who lives in Alaska and carried out most his training for this first Ironman in much different conditions than Hawaii!

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Another Great LifeSport Camp

LifeSport Coach Mark Shorter reporting on the Official Ford Ironman World Championship Camp

This was my third LifeSport Ironman coaching camp and what an experience for coaches, pros and camp participants!

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Coaching Tip – Look After Your Body

By LifeSport Coach Dan Smith

At the end of the triathlon season it is beneficial to review your performances and celebrate your successes. As well as examining areas needing improvement, it makes sense to take care of the structure that performs all the work – the body. We often race with handicaps or through niggles we feel in our body, putting off setting time aside for repair.

Whether you dream of competing in Kona, or finishing your first race, internationally renowned coaching leaders Lance Watson and Paul Regensburg proudly offer endurance coaching and racing opportunities to athletes of all abilities. For coaching options: ‘Read More

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(image linked from NYCM website)

I saw him cross the finish line in 2006. What was remarkable about it was I expected an African runner to get there first. I thought maybe he had a good day.

Come forward to 2008. He battled with Morocco’s Abderrahim Goumri in the last six miles to win it all. Again! Per the NYCM website, “Gomes’ time of 2:08:43 is the ninth-fastest ever run in New York”. This man is for real!

Marilson Gomes dos Santos of Brazil has served the running world notice. He has won one of the world’s most prestigious races in convincing fashion–twice. That, my friends, is no fluke!

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I think my body is going at a pace my lungs can’t handle. I have this need to cough after running fast after either a brick workout or a fast track workout. Well, the brick workouts are really long and taxing. The track workouts are very very fast so I know how that can be happening.

So I guess I’m running into a physical limit at this stage. My lungs aren’t flexible, and I don’t know if I can train to make them more flexible. Who knows about these things–even Alberto Salazar couldn’t get out of the problems introduced by exercise-induced asthma.

So here is the weird thing. It only comes out during training. When I did the full 140.6, it didn’t even show up. So what gives? It’s frustrating.

During track, a comfortable pace (sans EIA) is around 7:15. When I hover between 6:30-7:00, I can keep the pace but I almost expect the EIA to come in the end. I guess it comes up in the brick workouts because we come off a hard workout from the bike to an unregulated run. I usually run without regard to pace after the bike (which means this running fool is running sub-7s) for 3 miles. So that’s why it comes out there.

I guess I just have to put up with it until my lungs catch up to my running abilities.

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