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I guess I started.

Bought some heavier weights (35 lbs) because my heaviest weights (25 lbs) didn’t offer too much of a challenge anymore.  Am really happy to have gotten it.  Tried maybe 3 sets of 3 bicep curls, and it’s very hard to do.  Cool.

I also got a chinning bar that you can put over the door temporarily.  The stupid contraption works!  I’m surprised.  I tried maybe 3 tonight.  Very very nice!

I can’t yet go back to my rowing machine since the batteries for the monitor needs replacing.  Can’t wait to get back to it.

Signing up for IMFL versus getting hit in the face with IMHI is a much better situation; at least, IMFL would be my doing, totally.  Ironman training sure lights a fire under my usual lazy bones.  Good stuff!

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I took the plunge and had my bike checked at the bike shop.  I was expecting that my bent chainring would need replacing or need some time putting it back into shape.  Got a call in maybe an hour after I dropped it off and they told me my bike was ready.

When I finally showed for pickup, I was surprised.  The mechanic said that it was bent like I said.  In addition, some of the teeth were also bent.  The mechanic straightened it all out and then set about fine-tuning the chain assembly.  He said it should work fine now, especially since we didn’t have to replace anything.

It rides like a charm now.  Smooth as silk!  Better yet, it didn’t take the mechanic long to fix.  They charged me 25 dollars for the service.  Wow!  That was the most satisfying 25 dollars I’ve ever spent!

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A little change of scenery

So I got a little mixed up on the days. Election day is tomorrow. After turning around from the polling center in PB, I went to K. Mesa to drop off my bike. If you remember, I posted about a seemingly warped chainring that needs looking at. They’ll give me a call later.

On the way back, I made a detour going south. It’s been a while and I thought it would be good to have a change of scenery from the usual. Went to Balboa Park, and visited the Museum of Man. I’ve visited this museum countless times, but that is where my legs took me. Mingei and the Timken are closed on Mondays.

I visited the exhibits for the Meso-American civilizations (collectively known as Incas 1000 BC-900 AD). Wasn’t too impressed with the reproductions; I saw later that I wasn’t supposed to touch the plaster thingies. The stories they wrote about the exhibits were more interesting, but who knows if these are factual. The one thing that interested me was the head-shaping and skull surgery exhibits. Wonder what would possess anyone to do these things.

I meandered into the Egyptian exhibit. The usual mummified falcons and whatnot. Kinda expected the Ptolemaic mummy to suddenly stand up and walk. Ptolemy was a Macedonian general who inherited control of the middle east after the death of Alexander the Great; his seat of power became Alexandria, Egypt and Queen Cleopatra was the last of that dynasty (286-30 BC).

The kid mummies were interesting. That mummy of an Indian woman (around 1410 AD) was cool; her skin was all leathery, but you can still see her original leg ornaments.

Decided I didn’t have enough time for the Museum of Art. Went to the Tea Paviliion for some lunch. Salmon Rice Teriyaki. Cool spot to have lunch at. The breeze from the canyon and the sun peeking through the trees made for an outworldly in-the-moment experience. Had a nice time watching young and very optimistic adults. The Japanese Gardens are closed today as well.

This was fun. Maybe I’ll do it on Tuesday the next time.

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