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We had a few friends racing, so it was fun tracking where they were the entire day. Later on, we made a game out of figuring out when each would come in. The happy thing is that each prediction was right on–we were watching the video as each one came in! Cool.

Now the fun stuff is waking up tomorrow. General entry is open after 11AM eastern time or about 8AM pacific. Got to wake up and be ready to sign up for next year! After seeing how fast the bike times are, I wonder if I could get over 20 mph over there!

Training update:

I put in 60 miles on the trainer as virtual IMFL miles.  I didn’t even get started with the 13.1 virtual run because I got so wrapped up with the video tracking thingie.  Maybe I’ll catch up with it tomorrow.


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Got Nashville, Las Vegas, and Dallas out of the way.  The only one left is the Orlando in January; will have to complete my plans for that in mid-to-late November.

Everything is costing an arm-and-a-leg these days.  Got to cut down on travel for a while.

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Don’t know why that is.  Few are overweight.  We had to interrupt a nice dinner because almost half the group wanted to catch the second half of the show.

I, for one, have never known being overweight where it became debilitating.  At most maybe 12 lbs., but I was also eating snickers bars all the time.  Back when the taste was new.  Back in 2004, I got to 160 due to workouts at the gym.  I think I borrowed someone else’s monster arms for a time which probably weighed a lot.

It’s kinda weird to be thinking how a super-fit guy or gal would look with extra pounds on.  Some of them have come very far, shedding tens of pounds to get fit again.  One never knows.

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A hundred push-ups?

I did want to note this site in my blog.  Interesting hundred push-ups challenge.

Anyway, I’ve known about it for two months but never got around to posting it.  I tried doing the number and got to the magic number fairly quickly; push-ups always came easy to me.  Pull-ups are way harder.

Try it.  You might have great fun training!

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