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Ironman on Versus!

Here is the schedule for November.  Enjoy!

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Good primer here.

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So I guess the box got tossed around a bit while on transport. There is a noticeable warp that threatens to disengage the chain in each revolution. Just the big chainring; no problems with the small one. My teammates said it can be straightened out by gently tapping on it, but it requires a seasoned eye. Someone recommended that if I replace the big chainring, I might as well replace the small one as well to ensure even wear. And also replace the chain too. I kinda saw this coming. Oh well.

Training update:

Fun spinning workout. Did a short run after. Stopped over at Soupplantation to celebrate Mike’s birthday. Unfortunately, they ask for too much money for salad and soup. I left hungry even after a few visits to the buffet (?) lines.

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I got myself a prize

So I originally thought if I did 12+, I’d get a semi-expensive watch.  Also, if I did 13+, I’d get something cheaper than that.  Well, guess what?  I went 14+ in Hawaii and didn’t feel like I should get myself something.

I reconsidered and decided I needed this something anyway.  I bought some nice lamps for my living room space.  Very cool looking, and much more practical than a watch I’d never wear (I destroy them).  So, my living room is now very bright I can actually see how dusty my floor is.  Oh well, I guess I have to put up with that.

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