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Did it again!

Not that lightning can strike twice, but I put my name into the Ironman lottery 2009 again.

Also, signed up for Silver Strand Half, Las Vegas Full, and Carlsbad Full tonight.  Had previously signed up for Harpeth Hills, Dallas White Rock, and Disneyworld.

Have to get my flight set up for Nashville and Dallas in short order.  No more time!

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Don’t know if I was supposed to show up (recovery period), but I did anyway. My teammates thought I was crazy. But it felt great to stretch out my running muscles. Lungs are still a little weak from that volcano fog thing. My teammate who also raced Kona got sick too, and haven’t been back to practice yet.

5 X 400 Z3 @ :20 rest, 10 X 200 Z4 @ :10 rest, 5 X 400 Z3 @ :20 rest. Great workout actually, even if I didn’t have my Garmin on. (The friggin thing stopped working.) I just ran by feel, so the feeling of my legs just going was incredible.  Think I did 7s at Z3 and 6s at Z4.  Started passing people in the 200s; one thing I can always rely on is a surge after a mile or two.

Went to the gym for an hour after track. So nice to work out for the first time too. Did my super incline leg press (630 lbs versus the usual 720); felt weak so I had to scale back. Felt so good.

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