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I had a Greek Gyro plate for lunch.  Hmmm, hit the spot.  On the way back, I stopped at Godiva’s Chocolatier and got their choco-flavoured coffee.  Just brewed some on the pot.  It tastes heavenly!

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Dear Coach Paul,

I’d like to thank you, your staff, and your guest speakers for making the ironman camp fun and informative. It was exactly the kind of introduction to the Kona course that I needed. The class discussion was something else, given the experience in the room; plus, the practical application soon after made the pointers and tips come alive. I came away from the camp knowing I would do well in the race.

Okay, so someone needed to wake me up in the swim. Not too bad; I made it out of the water before the cutoff. The bike to Haw’i was a breeze, compared to our training ride. Unfortunately the ride back to Kona had to be done against really strong headwinds. It was good to see you and Coach Mark (?) on the course. What surprised me was that you remembered to cheer for me in spite of all the activity on the Queen K highway. On the run, Coach Bruce cheered for me as he said he would; seeing him on Ali’i Drive was great. My run into the Energy Labs was done in pitch darkness; the training was still useful, because I anticipated the features making it less of a strain at that point of the race. As I made the final turn into Ali’i Drive, Katya Meyers saw me and called out my name. Wow, the LifeSport family was really rooting for me that day!

So when I finally crossed the finish line, I knew I had my coach in San Diego to thank for. But on top of that, I think I owe LifeSport a mountain of thanks for your great advice and support on race day! The ironman camp gave me the confidence to enjoy myself that entire day. I still had to finish to validate my expectations and everyone’s expectations, but getting there and knowing I’d get there was definitely worth staying in the moment for. I had it in me to come in earlier, but I was just having too much fun out there. Finally, I had to come in to spare my coach any additional anxiety. Am I crazy or what?

I had margaritas at the bar overlooking the finish line and saw the final finishers up until midnight. I saw Helen Hatcher finish, so that probably meant that the whole class completed the race that day as I didn’t recognize anyone else after Helen.

Thank you very much for this valuable service. I highly recommend the camp to all comers in Kona. In fact, if I find myself in Kona again–you’ll find me in one of your seats! Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

Sincerely Yours,


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Thanks Team!

I showed up for Turbo class without my bike today.  It was still in the box.

Sarah Z. came out with the biggest card and hugged me.  The card was from the team.  It was so nice.

My teammates who noticed me waved and said congrats from their bikes.

Talked to Matt at length.  He mentioned that Marty got sick as well; first time I linked up the volcano fog with my flu-like illness.  I wasn’t alone.  He said he might go back to do elite bike support next year, given this year’s snafus on race day.

Talked to Luke as well.  He is running Las Vegas, so the team will be well-represented at that marathon.  Said hi to Zory and confirmed that she will be running long this weekend.  Had already emailed Christiane about me being able to join her if she wanted it.  Also stopped to talk to Ron; he is giving up CIM for Carlsbad.  He said he needed more time.  Told him I’d email him to discuss.

When I was ready to go, the coach had me come up to the front.  He slowed everyone down, and proceeded to congratulate me in front of the group.  That was very nice to get acknowledgement from everyone!

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