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The only major desire that popped up at Kona, was the desire to get it done. After five long months of non-stop training, the day of the race was a long time coming and it was just time to do it.

Doubt? Never came up. As any triathlete will tell you, there are always unknowns. You train for it, and then handle each situation as it presents itself.

Anxiety? Never came up either. I’ve done so many events and races in the past, I saw this event as one more that I needed to get done.

Fear? What’s that? The race was just another event I had to wake up for and toe the line at. If I showed up at the start, that was simply the main goal I had for the day. Everything else would fall into place as soon as the race started.

Let’s talk race management. Man, I needed coffee that morning. Or the swim cutoff issue would have never come up. I trained for each segment to ensure that my times would be within all the specified cutoffs. Once I got going, it was just a matter of filling in the blanks.

Let’s talk equipment. I replaced the tires (in/out) and the chain prior to leaving for Kona. Anything that might break, I thought hard about. Once I got to the island, I let it all go other than to see if everything still works. Pumped the tires to 100 psi on race day (max). Had practiced in Haw’i at 90 psi and had no issues. Come race day, the bike had to have a catastrophic failure for me to not finish.

Let’s talk nutrition/transition issues/race equipment. I set it up so I only had what I needed which was a bare minimum. Had all the nutrition stuff I needed. Got my electronics and gear handy when I needed these.

Let’s talk about focus. Guess you can call it keeping your wits about you. I kept everything in check and was in the moment at all times. A chicken could have crossed the road at any time and I would have been able to deal with it. I just needed to face what was in front of me and make sure my mind didn’t wander too far.

So at the start of one of the biggest races in the world, I was totally relaxed. You wouldn’t know the significance of the race if you’ve seen me in the first half of the 2.4 mile swim!

I trained well for this race as a newcomer to the sport. As expected, the 26.2 mile run was straightforward since running is my specialty. I knew coming in how long the bike course would take me if things cooperated or not.

I’m sure plenty of people said “good luck”. But there was no luck involved. It was all preparation. Even if going through it with machine-like efficiency was the order of the day, I can tell you that all the preparation gave my fun personality all the pleasure it could handle for all of 20 waking hours that Saturday!

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