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Dropped off the bike and the bags for T1 and T2 transition.  Spent the rest of the day sleeping.

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Tough day–the winds played havoc with everyone’s bike time.

Couldn’t get it into my head that I was swimming for the Ironman, so my pedestrian pace wrecked havoc with my swim time. Got out of the water at 2:10 or something.

I myself got into Haw’i in 3:30 only to see the advantage disappear on the ride back. Between Kawaihae and Kona, the headwinds were strong. I made it in at around 7:20 instead of 6:20.

When I started the run, I was nauseated. It would only show itself when I press the pace. So the early 10 mile 8:30 pace became a 10:00 pace in the back end.

I was running so well, that I dusted everyone else coming in to Kona. So I had the stage all to myself. I did some funny 360-degree hop at the finish line, and then proceeded to strike the pose. Kinda cool actually.

Got my picture taken with ASI photos, after which I had a quick massage done. The photo will be available tomorrow.

Afterwards, we stayed around and watch the final finishes from a bar overlooking the finish. What a wonderful view! We even got to see Chrissie Wellington who won the woman’s race. Great evening all-around.

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